Pyramid Rice Ball Mould

These (Rice Balls) are so delicious when they are home made and have home made sauce with hamburger meat in them,  and are so easy to made, the Pyramid Rice Ball mould, especially when you have arthritis in your joints of your hands  ,now you can buy a (cheaper pyramid rice ball Mold) from ( Amazon .com) they will ship to Canada , click here...  Arancinotto Rice Ball Mould.

                                    Absolutely Delicious! 
 All done and ready to eat.....
 Ready to deep fry. ....
 Made the suffer mozzarella cheese, and little bit of sauce with extra lean hamburger meat in it and closed it up with some rice....Now I did it in egg was and rolled it in breadcrumbs. ....
Got all the ingredients ready...
Absolutely Delicious!!


  1. That mould like great does the same job as the round ones ....they look delicious πŸ˜† sis

    1. Thank you sister , I can't wait until you get the rice ball Mould , you are going to love it!!

  2. I can't wait to sis to try it

    1. Know what you mean, it's coming sis...