My Batards

For some reason, whenever I make bread with rosemary it's always focaccia. and because I’m got lazy , I only ever make boules (someone please invent a combo cooker in the shape of an oval).  I decided to change up today so I made a loaf, though not a focaccia, and definitively not a boule.
But wait. Before I get down to the brass tacks of this bread, I have a story to tell.

These loafs of bread without rosemarry began as a happy little accident and ended with an earthquake and a fallen tree. Here’s the long and skinny of it.
I usually make my levain in the morning or just before I go to bed, since those two times allow me to make bread most conveniently, well this time I started the levain smack in the middle of the day, which would have meant that by the time it was done fermenting, I would have had to be awake at 3 a.m. to start the process of making bread.
I got lazy so this is what I made Batards ..
These are made with spelt levain and for the final dough mix has the levain and spelt flour, unbleached all- purpose flour. .

Simply Beautiful!
Amazingly delicious!. ..

Look at those clumbs! ,Wow! 
Beautiful. ..
Ready for the oven to bake...
Placed into baskets and dusted with brown rice flour and covered with a cloth and plastic bags, put into the fridge for 6 hours..
Batards shaping. .
Batards shaping. ..
Batards shaping ..
Batards shaping. .
Shaped them loosely into round and covered with a cloth , let rest for 30 minutes room temp. 
Ready to divide into 2 parts..
Mixed all the dry ingredients , levain and water together ,let set for 1 hour at room temperature. After 1 hour mix in the salt and oil, after do 4 sets of stretch and fold every 30 mins for 2 hours , after in the fridge for another 2 hours..
Mixing the levain with lukewarm water.
The wet ingredients ready. ..
Have all of the flours together for the final dough mix ready.....
Levain is ready after 5 hours @ room temp.
Made the spelt levain. ..
Absolutely Beautiful!


  1. I see what you were saying to me about the crumbs it looks absolutely delicious thank you for sharing sis

    1. I'm so glad that you like the Batards, and I can't wait until you try this recipe 😎 πŸ’• big sister 🌺 🌻

  2. These are amazing!! Such skills! Great crumb!

    1. Thank you so much Karen, I'm very pleased with these Batards and the taste good. .πŸ˜‰