Golden Orange Panettone

This week I'm baking a Italian Panettone ,This has 3 stages , it has a Biga a Dough Starter (Sponge) and also a finely Dough mix  and Candied Orange Peel, Golden Raisins..
The Panettone was all most 5 1/2 inches high.....
I bought these golden raisins and Candied orange peels and soaked in triple Sec liquor , next time I will try the orange peels from scratch..
Mix the flour, yeast, and water. Cover and let marinate at room temperature for 6 hours or so until double in size....
 6 1/2 hours later....
 The biga then went to rest for 3 days in the fridge, after made the dough (sponge)....
add the dry ingredients to the biga mix it up and forgot to take a picture  , then added the egg yolks ...
Here it is with lots of bubbles and more yolks, liquid from golden raisins, orange peel, golden syrup.
 Mix on low speed for a minute, then on medium speed for 5 minutes.   
after adding butter and mix on medium speed for 5 more mins and it was ready...
Added the Golden raisins and candied orange peel to therectangle dough..
kneaded the dough
But the dough in a 3 litter bowl and cover it with plastic wrap and a class with hot water and steam thing..
 2 hours later and then in the refrigerate for an hour, And then another hour.
Add some flour on the counter with the dough.......
Patting  the dough down into a rectangle, the first letter fold..
the second letter fold...
put some oil all over the dough and in a big freezer bag and in to the fridge over night .....
while I had some time l made an extra extension aluminum flashing  I bought for 6.00 plus the tax and I cut  to"4 1/2 high by" 20 inches long. It was time to talk  out the next day and shape the dough into a ball and place in the 6 by 2" 3/4 inch spring form pan .....
into the steam again for 4 hours because the dough was cold and needed a little more time....
after 4 hrs it was ready to be baked..
over all it was very delicious and it didn't need chocolate on top, it was good with out it....
I have made panettone  before.


  1. Wow it turned out really good sis , but for me it take to long to make ! ♡♥♡

  2. Clever handiwork with the pan extension! And lovely looking loaf. It makes me feel hungry :)

  3. I have to agree with last comment, very clever with the pan extension.. oh, the ideas you guys give me... it looks beautiful, I have to agree, no need to chocolate sauce.. unless is a bit of Nutella, which I have totally done for breakfast today. no judging!

  4. Great job with the pan, Maggie! I also improvised but with parchment paper. I loved this recipe, not difficult, as you say, but very time consuming. It doesn't need the chocolate, but the addition makes it a wonderful dessert!

  5. It turned out beautiful! It's really tall!! I like your creativity in making your own collar. Great job :)

  6. that aluminum flashing is such handy stuff! who knew? great looking panettone.

  7. Your finished Panettone looks beautiful. Wasn't this recipe a winner.

  8. Your Panettone is so high and pretty, Rosa! Did did a great job!

  9. Beautiful Panettone..and such great height too! I like how you improvised your extension with aluminium flashing!

  10. Turned out just beautiful! Flashing is my best friend.

  11. Your panettone turned out beautifully, and so tall! I'm sure it was as delicious as it looks.

  12. Love your idea for the pan extension. Your biga ended up looking so different(better) than mine. Your Panettone looks beautiful!

  13. ב''ה

    I like the top picture it looks very 'soft-bready'.

  14. Everyone got so creative with the panettone pans...I'm so impressed. I skipped this week but everyone's breads look so yummy and amazing I might have to try this on one of the free weeks.

  15. How beautiful! and how creative. It looks divine in texture and know it was heaven to eat.