Sourdough w/ Roasted Potato and Rosemary Batards

When I was small , my Mother use to make homemade potato bread, it was something to look forward to , but I never new that I would one day make bread so good like this. :)

I promise that you will love this bread absolutely amazing wonderful and delicious, I decided to make them into batards. 😎😚

          Look at those clumbs! 😚 😎 
                            Absolutely Beautiful! 
                                   And cooling off. ..
 Half way cooked with the steam..
 Heated the oven and placed the Batard in it and into the oven with the hot lid...
 Made a slash the long way....
 Place into the oval baskets and put in plastic bags and into the fridge until the next morning.
 Ready to divide and shape. ..
 Did 4 sets of stretch and folds , let rest for 1 hour. and now added the roasted the potatoes and Rosemary..
The liquid levain is ready...
Beautiful! 😎 
Adopted from Tartaine Bread


  1. Looks and sounds delicious!!

    1. Thank you Karen, it's absolutely delicious..😉

  2. I love potato bread! This is so pretty.

    1. They are delicious too and take two days to make and are wroth it. 😉