9 Grains Blend W/ Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

This bread can be multigrain variations, can be used for anything that you like to eat with,  I decided to make it with 160 grams of 9 grains blend with the whole wheat and it came out pretty darn good.
From Peter Reinhart's  (Artisan breads every day) /page 83.....(Overnight rising )
                           Absolutely Beautiful
                           Amazing Delicious
                      Out of the oven and cooling
 Second rise and ready to bake
                         Cover and let it fully  rise
                       Put in two greased 9 by 5 pans
                      Shape and rolled
          Flattllened both to two 9 inch long
 Cut in half and let rest for 15 minutes
 First overnight rise and out of fridge and let sit for about 2 hours to take chill off 
 Put the dough in the cantainer and stright into the fridge for overnight rising.
        Kneaded for a while and extra flour
 Mixing all together in the stand mixer
Absolutely Delicious! 
After completing cooled you can cut the bread and put in plastic freezer bags.
By Peter Reinhart's 


  1. Looks delicious sis! How long was it in the fridge?

    1. Thank you big sister, the dough was in the fridge right away after mixing it overnight. ..the next day Un chilled it for about 2 to 3 hour.