Coconut Cupcakes with Milk Chocolate Ganache & Coconut Silk Meringure Buttercream

This week the ALPHA BAKERS are baking coconut cupcakes with milk chocolate ganache. This cupcakes are made with egg whites and coconut milk and they are lighter cupcakes, I  decided to make milk chocolate ganache and chill it and whipp it and also make the coconut silk meringue buttercream and tried to make chocolate curls. I' m not much on coconut flakes , but these are absolutely delicious indeed, would I make these again YES!...P. S. Bear with me I have authoritis in the joint of my hands, so the cupcakes might not look that perfect.

                             Absolutely Delicious!!
          Added the chocolate curls on top...

 added the whipped milk chocolate and them the  coconut silk meringue buttercream...
The chocolate is ready to curl when you put your finger on it and it has a slight print on it , with a blench scrap the chocolate to make the curls, place each curl on a big plate, and refrigerate, until ready.
 spreading the melted chocolate evenly up and down a couple of times , until it starts to stick..
 add 3 ounces of dark chocolate and 1 Tablespoon of Crisco and it in the microwave for 35 to 4o , take out and stir with a fork, until melted ..
ready with the milk chocolate whipped ganache / coconut silk meringue buttercream to frost on top.
made the coconut silk meringue buttercream....
 added the crème anglaise to the meringue buttercream and is all most ready..
The crème anglaise is  readyfor the final stage...
 all most ready to but throw the strainer....
have all of the ingredients for the crème anglaise ready...
The chocolate ganache is whipped and ready.......
chilling it in cold water the milk chocolate ganache before whipping it.....
melting the milk chocolate .....
ready out of the oven and cooling..P.S. I got 15 cupcakes...
 now added the butter and coconut milk and mix it up and  added the egg whites and mixed all together , filled the cupcakes and  let sit on the counter for 20 before baking, baked at 3:50f  for 25 to 25 minutes..
 added the flour , sugar, baking powder and mix it ..
 have all the ingredients ready for the coconut cupcakes.....
From The Baking Bible!!


  1. I love the idea that you did with the cupcakes they look absolutely gorgeous

    1. Thank you big sister, they are cute and delicious..

  2. Those are stunning! What a clever idea to combine the toppings. Love the chocolate curls. You really are talented.

    1. Thank you Vicki , for stopping by and I don't think that I'm talented, I just like decorating and baking..

  3. Love the combo frostings!

  4. you're wrong--you are VERY talented!!! the cupcakes look fantastic and your photo at the top of the hazelnut mousse tart is one of the best renditions EVER.

    1. Thank you so much Rose, it makes me feel good when you say that I have talent and I hope to have me name on the next book As one of the Alpha Baker in the new book coming in a couple of years, like some of the Apha girl's had thire names on the Baking Bible.