In Memory Of Our Mother

In Memory Of Our Mother
I haven't been blogging for a long while because my mother was very ill and she passed away. ..
In Loving Memory- Maria Vella
My Mother and Me...

Mom! we will miss you a lot , your memories will be with use for every......
You did the best for all 7 of use children and loved use all ways..
when we were sick you were their to take care of use..
You were their when we were growing and going to school...
when we got married you were their for use..
Mom you have suffered enough these last months and now you are in peace, we will think of the good times in our hearts...P.S. I remember when I cut your hair Mom on your 85th Birthday you were happy/ March/ 12/2016..

            The flowers for the funeral...

Though her smile is gone forever and her hand we cannot touch….

Still we have so many memories of the one loved so much…

Her memory is our keepsake with which we’ll never part..

God has her in his keeping...

We have her in our hearts…
March/12/1931 –August/15/2016
P.S. I will remember my Mother smiling ,when I use to go and see you at the Old Age Care Home you always had a big smile,  Mom I will miss you so much..
My Mother's 81 Birthday and me..
March/12/1931 –August/15/2016
My Mother's Coffin Flowers
My Mother and use three girls/ we came to Canada on May/22/1960....P.S. I'm the small one that my mother is holding me..
My Mother at 21 years old , she was beautiful...
Mother Mary..
Love you all ways Mom..:( :(