Bernachon palet D'Oro Gateau

This Bernachon palet D'Oro Gateau is a renowned chocolate bernachon's book (La Passion De chocolate).

I decide to make this moist chocolate cake in a 8"by2"high round pan and also decorated it different, for the (crème fraîche ganache)  I used 200 grams of sour cream instead of crème fraîche, butter and heavy cream from  (Rose’s Heavenly Cakes) , this is the cake from the front cover , I made it for my 62 Birthday.....

                              Absolutely Beautiful!
 After the cake was glazed  I added some crispy white chocolate small balls and a stick pencil chocolate and also some golden dust,  what more better than making your own Birthday cake..
Happy Birthday to me!!😚 absolutely delicious yummy! 
Here is the open cut...
Lacquer Glazed the cake two times. ..
frosted the cake with crème fraîche ganache...
The crème fraîche ganache is ready to frost the cake. ..
I decide to use 200 grams of sour cream instead of crème fraîche,butter, and heavy cream for the (Crème fraîche Ganache)..
Out of the oven and cooling. ..
 Pouring in the pan and smothing it out and into the oven. .
 All ready to put into the 8"by2"high pan..
 Now added the cocoa mix in it...
Mixing the dry and wet ingredients. .
 Sifted the flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, and salt. .
 Made the wet ingredients. ..
                            Absolutely Beautiful!
From Rose’s Heavenly Cakes...