Banana Spilt Shiffion Cake

A couple of weeks ago or so  the ALPHA BAKERS made the Banana Spilt Chiffon Cake , so I decided to make it now..
This lovely Banana Splits chiffon cake is light in texture and balanced real well and the chocolate caramel drizzle glaze, topping an intense but ethereal banana chiffon cake,  make for a glorious combination....

                 Simply Delicious!!  
      Light airy and Yummy!!
My friend LLoydene happen to come by, she is so sweet of a friend and it was a good thing that she did because I had just made the lovely banana chiffon cake, I sliced her a nice piece  and a cup of coffee and as you can see in the picture she really loved it
made the chocolate ganache and poured it on top of the banana spilt chiffon cake..
unmolded it and ready to make the chocolate ganache..
Immediately turned it up side down with a neck of a bottle for 1 12 hours to cool..
poured the batter gently around the tub and the baked it for 50 minutes......
now here I added the rest of the meringue and with the large whisk gently folded into the batter..
add a bit of meringue into the banana mixture and with a big whisk gently folded it ..
have my extra large whisk ready...
just about ready....
making the egg whites meringue....
mixed all the try ingredients and put aside ...
got all the try ingredients ready...
processed the rip bananas and added the egg yolks and mixed it , and set aside ...
Simply Delicious!!
From The Baking Bible! 😎 πŸ’• 


Pecan Praline Scheherazades

This week the ALPHA BAKERS are baking
These lovely pecan praline scheherazades cookies are so yummy,  they melt in your mouth, they are so easy to make.
I got 25 of rolled up cookies a 1 inch and I all so did them like round cookies.
Because it's has been so hot and humid I but them in the refrigerator to chill.

                        Simply Delicious!
                       Here they are rolled up..
 Here they are round and flat ...
 25 rolled up cookies and into the fridge to chill ....
 Here it is all most ready to mix in the roasted Pecan and gently folded in..
 Here is the caramel all most melted...
 Roasted the pecan and chopped small. .
 Mix the camel ingredients in the pan...
 All of the ingredients ready. ..
yummy! 😎 
From Baking Bible! 😎 


Absolutely they would be my Favorite Chocolate Chip cookies

A couple of weeks again the ALPHA BAKERS made this cookies!!

I made mine now because they are to many thing going on with my mother...

I really don't like a lot of chocolate chips in my cookies, but I must say that Rose's cookies are really delicious.

I  had to make a change because I didn't have any walnuts, so I decide to use roasted pecans I all so used a 1"1/2 scoop.

In the book it says you will get 20 cookies , I got 25 cookies and yes I would make them again..
I scooped them on the try and gently press them down just a bit / baked at 375F. for 10 minutes total
Here I have chilled it for 30 minutes. .
Now adding the chocolate chips and the roasted Pecan and mixing on low..
Adding the dry ingredients together....
Mixing together the sugars, 1 large egg and the vanilla. ..
Strained it and mesured it and cling it to about 80f.
As you can see , I'm clarifying the butter..
Roasted the pecan and chopped small.
In a medium bowl mixed the dry ingredients together....
Got all the ingredients ready..
Simply Delicious! 😎 
From The Baking Bible! 😎 


Pullman w/ whole wheat and white flour

This is a perfect Pull-man White loaf a ( 13×4×4) and you will have enough to make one more smaller loaf, a (8×4) , this Pull-man loaf is great for sandwiches , it's heathier for you with the whole wheat , if you mix it with the white flour,  it has a soft clumbs.

I been wanted to made this Pull-man Bread for a long while now , so happy I did.
I decided to change it a bit,  so I used 3 cups of whole wheat flour.

Thank you for sharing the recipe Karen , Karen is a good friend of mine for a long time,  she is a very great bread cookπŸ˜‰.


                                Simply Delicious! 😎
           Look at that beautiful Pullman Bread.
Out of the oven and cooling off ....
 Shaped and in the pans for the last rise..
 Greased the pans..
 Ready to  divide and shape. .
 The stretch and fold.  "See" and let raise for 1 more hour. .
 Gave it one stretch and fold ...
  let it raise for another hour in the microwave, door closed with microwave off.
Coated a large container with a bit of oil.
 It's ready now...
 In a stand mixer on low speed added the lukewarm water and the bit of butter and  mixed it up..
 Mixed up all the dry ingredients....
From Karen!


Hungarian Cranberries Walnut Tartlets

This week the ALPHA BAKERS are making Blueberry Buckle!!

I decide with my daughter-in-law to make the Hungarian Cranberries Walnut Tartlets for this week, I couldn't  make them two weeks ago.

I have been thinking of making them with cranberries for quite a long time , actually about 3 to 4 months ago , I was invited over my second son Santo and Kadya my daughter-in-law for mother’s Day and the weekend,  so we got together and made the Hungarian Cranberries Walnut Tartlets instead of Hungarian raisins and walnuts Tartlets.

We shared them because I thought that they were too much for me ,  my son's friend  Dwayne  that is stationed in the air force base with my son in Angus, Barrie ,Ontario Canada with his wife Kadya is also in the air force,  so we gave him some too , they all love them so they didn't go to waste but for me that's quite a bit. 

We actually made 24 with my daughter-in-law,  we were one short  one , My daughter-In-law Kadya that is in the air force too diced to order the baking bible, she really likes the cook book πŸ˜†

          Absolutely Delicious indeed.πŸ˜‰
Look at the inside of the  tartlet, yummy!!
A picture of my son Santo having a couple , he really likes them alot
" Smile Santo for my friends"
 Dwayne having hmmm,  3 to 4 tarts...
 Here is a picture of my second son Santo and he's buddy Dwayne washing the dishes, they are so sweet to do the clean-up...
 Cooling the Tartlets, the flavor was driving me and my Daughter-in-law crazy , Kadya couldn't wait to have one...
 We put in the oven to bake ..
 My Daughter-In-law "Kadya" added the rest of the butter mixture on top of the filling in each tart shells, I supervised..
 We both add the mixture for the filling in each pastry shells, we had a drink while doing thatπŸ˜‰
she add the butter mixture to the roasted walnuts and cranberries and mix it up. . P.S. she just loved helping me bake ..
She made the butter mixture. .
My lovely Daughter-In-law roasted the walnuts. "Smile Kadya for the alpha Baker's " 
 got all the ingredients ready for the filling. .
My Daughter-In-law mix all the ingredients for the pastry dough. I rolled the dough out to 1/8 and cut out the 4 1/2 inches circles , placed them in the muffin tins. 
Simply Delicious!
From The Baking Bible 😎 πŸ’•