Pullman w/ whole wheat and white flour

This is a perfect Pull-man White loaf a ( 13×4×4) and you will have enough to make one more smaller loaf, a (8×4) , this Pull-man loaf is great for sandwiches , it's heathier for you with the whole wheat , if you mix it with the white flour,  it has a soft clumbs.

I been wanted to made this Pull-man Bread for a long while now , so happy I did.
I decided to change it a bit,  so I used 3 cups of whole wheat flour.

Thank you for sharing the recipe Karen , Karen is a good friend of mine for a long time,  she is a very great bread cook😉.


                                Simply Delicious! 😎
           Look at that beautiful Pullman Bread.
Out of the oven and cooling off ....
 Shaped and in the pans for the last rise..
 Greased the pans..
 Ready to  divide and shape. .
 The stretch and fold.  "See" and let raise for 1 more hour. .
 Gave it one stretch and fold ...
  let it raise for another hour in the microwave, door closed with microwave off.
Coated a large container with a bit of oil.
 It's ready now...
 In a stand mixer on low speed added the lukewarm water and the bit of butter and  mixed it up..
 Mixed up all the dry ingredients....
From Karen!


  1. Wow Rosa! That turned out beautifully!!! Seriously awesome loaf!! Thanks for the mention!!

    1. Your welcome Karen, the bread tastes pretty good with the whole wheat and unbleached all purpose flour and it's soft inside 😉

  2. You did a great job says love the idea of you using whole wheat flour can't wait to try it

    1. I hope you try this recipe soon ,the pull-man bread tastes very good with whole wheat , and thank you big sister.

  3. That's a beautiful loaf of bread Rosa! It looks like the perfect sandwich bread.

    1. Hi Zosia, and yes it's the perfect loaf indeed, if you like you can go to Karen blog and get the recipe.😎 and thank you. 😆