Last week the ALPHA BAKERS were baking a ChocolateTea Cake Genosie.

I have never made a Genosie Chocolate Cake before and the first time I made it didn't look like it raised that much so I decided to make this ChoclateTea Cake again because I thought that the cake layers didn’t cook enough or I didn’t do beat the eggs right and also I think I cooked the choclate too much for the batter, but I know next time lol...lol.. Sorry Marie but I hade to.. P.S. I 'm very happy with the cake and it almost looks like the one in the Baking Bible 😎 !!!!
Cake, it is a Rich, Moist and Chocolatey and I forgot to say that the lemon liquor gives the Chocolatetea Cake more flavor..  
This would be good for people that love chocolate a lot, but not for me....
Would I make this ChocolateTea Cake again "ones in a while"...

I decided to make some changes to the cake, made the cake in two 8 " by 2"high round pans,  used lemon oil in the batter, for the syrup used lemon liquor, added some lemon liquor to the ganache and had to made the (Crème fraîche from the Cake Bible pg. 260)...
Look at that  puffy cake layers!
                 Absolutely Delicious
Spread the ganache on the sides of the cake and on top...
Look at those layers ,  they actually Rose a bit over 1 1/4 inch each layers/ Added the ganache in the middle of the cake and placed the second layer on top.
 I whipped when it was at 75F.
 Cooling off the chocolate ganache. .
 Crème fraîche is in a pan with the heavy cream simmering and added to the chocolate and processed while running the motor. .
 Making the crème fraîche from the cake bible.
 Processing the chocolate small...
 Ready to spray the chocolate layers.
 Ready with the syrup and cooling.
 The chocolate layers are cooling and Scraped the top hard crust off...
 Pans are ready and filled with the batter and into the oven.
 melted the chocolate and whisked in the flour then fold in 1 cup egg mix and them added the rest of chocolate mixture in 3 part into the eggs mixture with a balloon whisk gently mixed it...
Got all the ingredients ready..
Absolutely  Pretty
From The Baking Bible!!


Meringue Cranberries Birch Twigs

This week the ALPHA BAKERS are baking meringue cookies.
I have made these lovely meringue Birch twigs before and had a bit of a problem because of my arthritis in my hand, so I decide to make them again. .

These meringue Birch twigs are fragile ,light  and airy, flavory ,and crispy.

I decide to add about 1/4 cup of dried cranberries chopped very small and just vanilla extract, I got 24 X 12" inches twigs.

These pretty flavory meringue brich twigs are also very fragile , I broke a few too just by picking them up!!

              Simply Delicious and fragile!
           Absolutely light and cripy
 Used a plastic bag and cut a small cut so I could pip thin chocolate over the twigs..
Melted the chocolate over simmering water.
Out of the oven  to cool. .
 I piped 24 x 12 inch and now ready to bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes,  the oven off and left inside for another 2 hours. .
Can you see the little small bits of cranberries in the meringue.  Meringue is ready to be piped,  using a 12 inch round tip and a plastic bag.
 Because of the amount of egg whites and cream of tartar , I whisked it by hand to help it before whisking in the stand mixer and added the dried cranberries at the end of whisking for a couple of minutes ...
Processed the sugar in a smaller food processor and process it very fine..
 Have all of the ingredients ready plus the egg whites..
            They look pretty and taste good!!
               From The Baking Bible