Black & Blueberry Pie

This week (Q&E) Blackberry and Blueberry Pie..

This is my first time making one like this pie and I'm happy. ....

I decided to make the 14 strips lattice ....And also had some leftover pastry crust and made a couple of homemade cut out leafs..
  Covered the edges with foil so it does not burn fast..
 was in the refrigerator for 1 hour in a plastic bag loosely...
 Finished the  lattice. and trimming it ....
 Making the lattice for the top and putting it on the other way .....
 Making the lattice for the top and putting it on.....
measured the dough for cutting the 14 strips of lattice.....
roll out the second dough and was getting it ready to cut strips.......
put the mix of blackberries and blueberries in the pie crust...
roll out the bottom and placed in the pie plate and forgot to take a picture .....
mixed the berries/cornstarch/lemon juice/ lemon zest in the bowl...
had them in the refrigerator and weight them /ready to 
mix............p.s. The blackberries were big..
divided the dough.. into two pieces and kneaded in the plastic bag and flatting them and put in refrigerator....
weighted them ......
 ready like little peas......
put the flour/salt/baking powder and the cream cheese and mixed foe a couple of seconds and then add the cold butter  and mixed again for couple of seconds and add the heavy cream and the cider vinegar and mix few more seconds.... 
She says to put all the juices of the fruit in the pie crust but I think that it is to much and needs to be a bit drained..
absolutely very delicious!!!!


  1. Your favorite sis .looks delicious

  2. Your pie is beautiful! I love the lattice top crust. Very pretty! Did it take long? I always want to try a lattice but am worried I'll somehow mess it up...it's so nice though, especially with a fruit pie where the juices come through.

    How was your filling when the pie was baked? Mine was very liquidy, but the pie was delicious. http://bakedtoorder.blogspot.com/2015/01/roses-alpha-bakers-black-blueberry-pie.html

  3. Rosa.. it looks beautiful.. I don't like pies, but I do love to make them just to have the possibility of creativity with the dough. Lucky for us, Rose's Cream Cheese pie Dough is a dream to work with.

    1. hi Monica and thank you for your lovely comment and Roses pastry cream pastry that is for the pie is wonderful and I have used it a few times and yes you can create nice things with that pastry all designs I should say.

  4. I love the lattice! I should try that out at some point. :)

    I think we have the same rolling pin! Did it come with a marble slab thing?

  5. Rosa! what beautiful work you do! i just saw your cuddle cake--spectacular. and PERFECT lattice work. brava!!!

    1. Thank you so much Rose for your sweet and kind words, this is my first time making the pie and I do love decorating Cakes especially.

  6. I love how lattice strips look on pies. They are beautiful, Rosa!

  7. Congratulations on your successful pie! Honestly the lattice is a perfect covering because it allows maximum evaporation. In the end, your pie is beautiful (I'm sure your hair is too...wink)

  8. What a beautiful pie! Lattice is something I've never done but yours is gorgeous.

  9. Stunning! Beautiful lattice and leaves.

  10. beautiful lattice top! i'm looking forward to trying that technique at some point.

  11. As everyone else has said your lattice is gorgeous. You're obviously very comfortable with pastry.

  12. Your lattice crust is expertly woven! Love, love, love you pie!!!

    Patricia @ ButterYum

  13. Lovely lattice, lovely pie. I'm getting very sad that I gave mine away because now I want more. My little buddy ate it all week and that could have been me...