Arancinotto Rice Ball maker

These (Rice Balls) are so delicious when they are home made and have home made sauce with hamburger meat in them,  and are so easy to made, the Arancinotto Rice Ball mold, especially when you have arthritis in your joints of your hands  ,now you can buy a (cheaper rice ball Mold) from ( Amazon .com) they will ship to Canada , click here... Arancinotto Rice Ball Mould .

                                   Absolutely Delicious!
 All done and ready to eat...
         Beautiful! Look at cooking..
 And here they are ready to be deep fried in oil for a couple of minutes each side...
 Mix into the bread crumbs....
 Roll around the rice  ball in the egg wash. ..
 Now turn the long part on the shorter side and gently press the top of the rice down...
 add enough rice on the top ....not pack!
 In the whole add some extra lean meet mixture then add some mozzarella in it and then again some extra lean hamburger mixture.Add enough of rice on the top...
 So now you have a whole I the middle. ..
 The final long top to gently press down all the way...
 Added the second part on ...
 Rice was cool and now added some , not packed down to must..
 Have all of the rest ingredients ready
 Made the rice and added 1/2 cup of Romano cheese & homemade sauce with extra lean beef.


  1. I see that you had fun with your new little towards the rice maker mold I had fun too they look absolutely delicious sis πŸ˜†

  2. I see the link know sis ☺ have fun with your new little toy

    1. Thank you so much big sister for your kind words, the rice mold is so easy to use and faster without any fuss especially when you have arthritis in your joints of your hands , it works wonderful ,I'm glad that I bought it and I'm happy that you see the link..

  3. They look perfect Rosa, and perfectly tasty too. (Filled with meat - yum!). I love kitchen toys that work!

    1. thank you so must for your sweet comment Zosia, and I hope you buy it , it's really easy with this mold , especially when you have arthritis in your joints of your hands.