Brandy Snaps Cannoli With White Chocolate Mousse

This week the Alpha Bakers are baking Brandy Snaps Cannoli..

I made the Brandy Snaps Cannoli, I found that you have to be fast of cutting and rolling them because I had to heat the other tray of brandy snaps mixture, but that's me.

I wanted to make a couple of changes so I made white chocolate Mousse , Dark Chocolate melted and piped on round the edges and some different types of fruits and dusted with sugar pearl on top. Was it worth the effort, Yes!!

                              Absolutely Delicious!
Look at these pretty deserts and they look delicious too.....
Added some fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, wild blueberries and some sugar pearl dust on top. I couldn't find any red currents...
The white chocolate mousse is ready to pipe the brandy snaps....
I melted some dark chocolate and piped it on around the top edges...
Now I placed the white chocolate  mousse into the fridge for 1 hour..
added in 2 parts the whipped cream to the white chocolate mixture.
whipped up the rest of heavy cream to fold in the chocolate mixture..
Ready to add the gelatin into the chocolate mix all, until dissolved, let cool to room temp.
After the chocolate has melted I added the heavy cream and mix it until it was all together..
In a  double boiler, melt the chocolate and 150ml of heavy cream.
have the gelatin , white chocolate and heavy cream ready.
Here they are and they are not that prefect but they could have been a bit thiner....
Allowed to rest for about 30 seconds, and after I cut it into strips 2 3/4 inches and rolled around toilet paper rolls with foil wrap around them...P. S. They were a bit had to chew.
Preheated the oven to 3:50F and poured the brandy snaps mixture on to the prepared baking sheets and baked for 7 minutes.
I started off with the Brandy Snaps..
In a medium sauce pan I combine the corn syrup, butter, and the brandy over medium heat and stirred until the butter has melted , then added the brown sugar, ground ginger and flour,  stirred until combine.
                            Absolutely Yummy!


  1. Very interesting sis and cute

    1. Thank you big sister, but I will try to make them again and hope that they come out better..

  2. They don't look like traditional cannoli, but they do look amazing! I don't see how they could come out any better.

    1. Thank you Marie for you kind words ,I just think that they could have be a bit thiner..

  3. Wow! They look like something in a bakery or on a restaurant dessert tray!

  4. Love fruit and cream and chocolate. They look great.

  5. They are amazing!

    BTW I like your header photo of all the cook books.

    1. thank you for stopping by Catherine, and I'm glad that you like my cook books..