Triple Velvet Lemon Raspberry Open Face Cake

This is the Triple Lemon Velvet Bundt Cake, I have make a few changes to this wonderful , and lemon velvet cake. This cake is very tender and delightful...

I decided to make the batter into two 8" by 2"high round pans and bake them for about 35 minutes.πŸ˜†,  made raspberry sauce filling for the cake layers ,  make the two cakes into 4-layers and decided to make it into a rustic look,  made the Raspberry liquor for the syrup for the cake layers, made some Italian meringue buttercream for the filling and the sides and top, and raspberry sauce for the top, and fresh raspberries on top, and deiced to make the rustic look cake style.

 I am sure that you could make Cupcakes and also Wedding Cakes too 😚
It might not look like it is very moist,  but it is really tender and moist..

WOW! I can't believe how very moist and tender it is....😚I will be making these wonderful delightful lemon velvet cake again " it's a winner"

                      Simply delightful!!
The height is 4.27 inches tall!!
Here is the slice/absolutely wonderful!! 
Absolutely Delicious and moist!!
Had my son Santo and my granddaughter Tia over to have some cake and they both loved it..
 My son Santo and my granddaughter Tia eat the cake so fast and my son Santo asked me if he could have some to take home 😚...

             Simply amazing beautiful! !
 Cut the first cake layer in half and added raspberry liquor syrup and then added the raspberry sauce and Italian meringue buttercream and repeated until done πŸ˜†....
 Poured the sugar syrup while the egg whites were whipping on low and then put the speed up high until the meringue was cool enough to start added the butter. ..
 While the syrup was cooking I started to whip the egg whites....
 Started on the Italian meringue. Got the 4 tablespoons of water and sugar ready to cook to the point of temp....
 cooling down the raspberry sauce and made the raspberry liquor syrup too...
 The raspberries are Cooking until the amount that I wanted..
 While the cake layers were cooling. I started to makethe raspberry sauce. ..
They were ready about 35 minutes, cool them on a rack...
 Divide into two even parts and smooth each pan and into the ovenπŸ˜†..
 Started on low and added the yolk mix in two parts and mixed it until smooth..
 Added the butter and remaining sour cream and mixed it until moist..
 Now I added the fresh lemon zest..
 Mixed on the dry ingredients together.
 Got ready all the ingredients...
 Got the pans ready with parchment paper and a dusting of flour and put the damp strips around the pans πŸ˜†....
Absolutely Beautiful! πŸ˜†....


  1. It bueatiful wow you did a amazing job ☺

    1. Thank you big sister for your kind words, I'm glad that you like the cake..

  2. What a great idea! I can just imagine the lemon and raspberry combination. You are so creative.

    1. Thank you so much Vicki, you are kind,I still have to cut a slice tomorrow and will post it...

  3. It's so very stunning and delicious looking! I'm wishing I could taste it. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see it cut. You are an artist!

    1. thank you so much Rose for your kind words, and you are welcome, I can't wait to cut a slice and I will post it..

  4. What a gorgeous cake Rosa! Lemon and raspberry go so well together, I'm sure it tastes as fabulous as it looks!

    1. Hi Zosia, and thank you for stopping by and leaving me a lovely comment....

  5. Good to see Santo and Tia enjoying the cake

    1. Yes they enjoyed the cake a lot, they ate it so fast and they had big smiles on the faces and Santo ask me for some cake to take home, that tells you big sister that they really enjoyed the cake😚

  6. Hey Rosa thanks for the wonderful cake and great hospitality. The cake was delicious and the presentation was also great. Thanks again.

    1. hi John, and thank for stopping by, and leaving me a comment, I know it's Absolutely delicious and I'm glade that you enjoyed the triple lemon velvet cake.