Cranberry Pecan Boule

As you can see christmas is approaching , what a great idea to make cranberry and pecans boule with this lovely breads , I decided to make double the amount and added some whole wheat to this lovely breads, the poolish starter that goes with the final dough which is mixed together , absolutely delicious, great around Christmas time , you can spread or cut some delicious old strong cheese and also makes great toast..

                       Absolutely Delicious!
Out of the oven and cooling off. ....
Ready to bake at 450F, and bake for 30 minutes..
Absolutely beautiful after 1 hour they have doubled.
Cut the dough in half and did the blanket thing and shaped them both and placed in baskets and to raise for 1 to 1 / 2 hours. ..
Ready to cut in half and shape...
Now I did 3 stretch and folds In 1 ½ hours.(Ken Forkish method ) .
After 30 minutes added the cranberries chopped and the roasted chopped pecan and again did the pinch method and fold and let rest for 30 minutes.
Resting for 30 minutes. ..
Have the final dough ready and mixed the poolish with the lukewarm water and added to the final dough and mixed by hads (pinch method..
After 4 hours the poolish is ready....
After mixing it up , but the container with the lid close and added 1 cup of hot water in the microwave, microwave off,  door closed...
Mixing the poolish starter.....
Absolutely amazing delicious!
Would I made this bread again yes!


  1. Looks delicious s another amazing love loaf keep the good work up

    1. Thank you big sister for you kind words, this cranberry and pecans breads is easy and can be made in less then one day. It is soft inside. Absolutely Delicious!

  2. That looks delicious! Cranberries and pecans go so well together!

    1. thank you for stopping by Karen, and for your kind words, It's delicious indeed...