Chocolate Babka with Pecans

This week the ALPHA BAKERS are baking the Babka.
Babka is similar in texture to challah, but slightly more cake-like. It’s an Eastern European sweet cake-bread made with yeast-risen dough which is filled, rolled and typically baked in a loaf pan. The name comes from the Slavic babcia, meaning grandmother, which is closely related to the Yiddish bubbe. The word babka translates to “grandmother’s cake,” inspired by the shape of an old woman’s skirt (they were originally baked in fluted Polish baking pans) and the fact that they were typically baked by grandmothers. Jewish babka first appeared during the early 1800s when Polish housewives would prepare extra egg challah dough to be filled with cinnamon or jam, then rolled up and baked alongside the Shabbat challah. It was served to hungry children during busy Shabbat preparations or reserved as a special treat. The now common streusel topping came along during the mid 1900s.

I decide to make two different kinds of Babka, one with chocolate mixture with butter, little bit of cinnamon and the other with chocolate and butter, cinnamon and pecans. I also made a few changes to the dough. , added eggs to the sponge , honey,  and also to the final dough  added honey, oil, whole eggs, cider vinegar, butter, and doubled the dough....... Sorry Rose ....

               Absolutely Beautiful and delicious..
              out of the oven and cooling off......
Here is a picture of both Babka....
Let them raise for about 2 hours in the loaf pans , use a pastry brush and brush the tops and sides of the loaves with very soft butter and bake them until they are done.
cut each side of dough and twisted them..
now I have sealed it up....
rolled out one part of the dough, added the warm chocolate mixture and spreaded it on , place some chopped pecans on top and rolled it up....
got the dough ready , cut into two pieces...
stir until melted the chocolate , butter and then add the cocoa powder , sugar and  a litte bit a cinnamon,  stir a few minutes and set aside..
chopped the chocolate and place the butter into a double boiler with simmering water....
has double in size at room temp in the microwave with a hot cup of water and the door closed, microwave off,  you can let it raise for 1 hour and place in the refrigerate it overnight...
got my speared mixture ready to make...
deflated the dough and press it gently into a square and fold it like a letter and back to the oiled container to let double in size..
doubled in size after 2 hours and ready to deflate the dough..?
placed the dough in a large container coated with oil ,placed the doug in it with a lid and in the microwave with a big cup of very hot water, door closed ,microwave off, let raise for 2 hours.
toke it out and kneaded the dough for a few minutes..
added the rest of ingredients and mix it until it was smooth..
In the morning made the sponge....added the final try ingredients and sprinkled it on top of the sponge  and let it raise oven night in the fridge or you can let it raise at room temp for 2 hours, until double.....
 Absolutely delicious.....
The Baking Bible..


  1. Looks delicious sis can't wait to make it.have a lot do ,tomorrow it's Easter, Happy Easter 🐰 sis πŸ˜†

    1. Thank you so much big sister, and I'm glad that you like the Babka, it's easy to make and you can make it in two days also.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Marie, they were delicious..

  3. How gorgeous is that! I was tempted to try Rose's recipe for Easter - and I will one day - but made the Polish babka with raisins from my mum's recipe that's a tradition in our family instead.

    1. Thank you so much Zosia for your kind words , that is nice that your mom's recipe is past on, one day I hope you will share the (Polish Babka) recipe.