Apricot with Lavender and Walnut Sourdough Batards

These apricot, Lavender and roasted walnuts with sourdough is absolutely amazing delicious.
They are great for a treat and special meals and great as a toast and spread cheese and with glass of red wine. .
 (From The Tartaine Experience!)

 absolutely beautifu indeed.😎
This is some of the breads that I have made.
 Absolutely Beautiful! and delicious..
 Inside cut. ..Yummy!
Out of the fridge overnight and scored and into the oven. .  
In baskets and dusted with rice flour and covered with plastic bagsand into the fridge overnight for at least 12 hours.
The Tartaine Experience


  1. Nother great looking bread!is this one from the Tartaine book? Looks delicious ☺ also I like that it has big crombs! .....keep the good work up

    1. Thank you so much big sister, I love the tartaine breads, absolutely delicious indeed, can't wait to try others.