Delightful (Chocolate Ganache Tartlets)

The alpha Baker's made these a couple of days ago.

These chocolate Ganache Tartlets are very delightful and a small mouth full, they start with making the sweet cookie tart crust with clarified butter and after making the chocolate ganache and placed  on top with a piping star tip.

 I decided to add some Golden sprinkles and a couple of little flowers on top. I weight each dough 12 grams..

I broke about 12 Tartlets grrrrrr.
It go so hot and humid that I had to put the chocolate ganache Tartlets in the fridge until I was ready to take them out😰.

Would I made them again "Yes"

                               Simply Delicious...
 Look at those lovely Tartlets. .
Piped the ganache in the mini Tartlets and put the flowers on the side and sprinkled with golden dust. Pretty indeed , it was worth it at the end.
Made the little flowers with fondant ..
 Processed the chopped chocolate and I forgot to take a picture of the end process.
 Chopped the chocolate with a big knife. .
 Out of the oven and cooling off,  I Boke 12 of the Tartlets. .grrrrr
 Weighed each one to 12 grams and rolled each one placed in mini pans and use a pastry tool..
 Kneaded it for a couple of minutes and divide it into two equal parts and wrapped with plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. ..
 Now it's finally ready. .
 Here I added the cream and yolk...
 Finally mixed the cream and yolk together .
 Processed the sugar fine and added the clarified butter and pulse until mixed then added the dry ingredients and mix it up..
 Have all the ingredients ready to make the pastry dough. ...
                               Absolutely Pretty...
From The Baking Bible !  ðŸ’• 


  1. Absolutely pretty !!I love looking at all your pictures ,you did a great job sis !I think I might just try them

    1. Thank you big sister, 🌻🌼 they are so delicious indeed and easy to make , do try them soon sis..

  2. These sound absolutely decadent and look so pretty with the little flowers. You have such a talent for those special garnishes.

    1. thank you Zosia, but I couldn't help myself , but I had to make little flower and place them on top...P.S. they were absolutely yummy!

  3. These are just adorable! I love ganache, tarts, and mini desserts. The flowers are adorable!

    1. thank you so much Karen for your sweet and kind comment, they were simply yummy!

  4. Oh my gosh they are so cute!

    1. Thanks Vicki, they were absolutely delicious indeed 😉